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I am an illustrator and designer who loves to create enjoyable, meaningful projects. My goal is to help people’s ideas come to life, through both my design and illustration skills, to create exciting stories and brands that people can feel seen in. I’m extremely passionate about collaborating with other like-minded creatives to produce and share colourful stories, and adventuring into lively and exciting projects.


I like to consider myself a bubbly personality, and someone who appreciates the cute things in life. In my free time you’ll most likely find me watching cartoons and cuddling with my chickens.

My qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design as well as an illustration specialisation.

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Take a look into the inspiration behind my brand! These little chooks have each all inspired the characters you see throughout my work. Ten out of them are rescued ex battery hens, and our oldest (who’s 12!) is a Bantam.

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